RJM Worldwide LLC ("RJM") provides advisory services to small and middle market companies. RJM leverages 20+ years of business experience in real estate finance and corporate real estate in various locations worldwide. RJM understands the challenges and pitfalls in starting a business or investment. RJM has a primary focus on real estate valuation, due diligence, financial and economic analyses, partnership structuring and capital sourcing.

The services comprise:
  • Market Research and Analyses
  • Financial / Real Estate Due Diligence
  • Valuation
  • Equity and Debt Capital Sourcing
  • Business Plan Writing
This website provides more information about the services and the team behind those services.

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RJM conducts thorough research and analyses of real estate markets, and comparative analyses through benchmarking including feasibility studies for investments and location decisions.

RJM assists by performing financial analyses and due diligence for real estate including cash flow modeling to understand risk and return.

RJM performs valuations of various single real estate assets and portfolios.

RJM assists by preparing marketing documents in connection with equity and debt capital raise. RJM sources equity and debt capital through an extensive database of domestic and international capital providers.

RJM prepares business plans for start-up companies and established companies venturing into new territories. This encompasses the narrating of the business goals and objectives as well as the product(s), marketing, associated financials, team and structuring.